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Coach Fisher and Held Getting Deserved Raises


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Oh man, I hope MIke Leach takes Lane to the woodshed in next years egg bowl. That SOB.
I swear, my most satisfying bet ever involved the Egg Bowl. A good friend and co-worker is an alum of Ole Miss and I bet him a crispy $1 dollar bill before the season even started. I told him, "After I win, I want a brand new, unwrinkled, crispy $1 dollar bill." Fast forward to the game, Ole Miss should have run the clock out to get to OT, instead, they decide to throw the ball....HAHAHAHA! Advantage Me and Miss State. The dawgs picked the Rebels and then kicked a FG for the win.
1999 – The Pick and the Kick: This game is best known for its dramatic ending. Down 20–6, Mississippi State rallied late in the 4th quarter to tie the game. With 20 seconds left, instead of kneeling the ball to go to overtime, Mississippi decided to run a play, deep in their own territory. Rebel quarterback Romero Miller dropped back and lobbed a deep pass which was deflected by the hands and then the foot of Mississippi State cornerback Robert Bean before being intercepted by Eugene Clinton and returned deep into Rebel territory. On the next play, with 8 seconds left, Bulldog kicker Scott Westerfield kicked a 44-yard game-winning field goal.
His days off were Sunday/Monday, so when Tuesday rolled around and he saw me, he was bitching and moaning about never betting again. He reached into his wallet, pulled out that $1 dollar bill, crushed and crumbled it up and threw it at me. I laughed my ass off about that(still do when I think about it). Later that day, I asked him if he wanted to go double or nothing on some pro basketball game. I won that one too. He didn't like betting sports with me much after that. LOL!!!!
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Nice move. Reward them and keep them around.

I think it feeds into the idea that there may be more changes and that some of them were waiting for pay raises, etc. to shake out before we finalize them.