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Coach Cook press conference 10.01.18


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Not sure why everyone is coming down on Minnesota not moving the volleyball start time, with the exception the reason they gave Sheldon IS garbage. This is not about the student athletes, it is about the fans being able to see (or watch on TV) the football team at home, then being able to watch or listen to the volleyball game AFTER the football game. They have a passionate fan base for volleyball and draw over 5000 a match. If the situation were reversed, I doubt the Huskers would oblige by moving their road volleyball match so it conflicted with a football home game.
The real culprit, and Cook touched on it, is the Big Ten scheduling and the fact they don't seem to care about scheduling conflicts between the two sports. Delaney should realize that very soon women's volleyball in the B1G is going to be number 3 on his list of revenue generating sports. I would recommend leaving Saturday and the occasional Friday for football, and schedule volleyball for Friday and Sunday with the occasional Thursday match. It would also be beneficial financially to work with ESPN to ensure the majority of the Sunday matches are on either BTN or an ESPN channel. The popularity of women's volleyball is outpacing women's basketball. Volleyball is also a more visually pleasing sport than women's basketball which largely looks clumsy to me. Additional TV exposure would spread the popularity even more quickly.
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