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Coach Brown liking the direction of Nebraska Football

Thats high praise from a guy who keeps his razor edge by never being / acting “satisfied”
Love that guy. Hope he stays with NU thru and past retirement.


Coach Brown has certainly seen/experienced a staff or two... from one end of the spectrum to the other... throughout his career!

Great (and comforting) to hear his "high praise" of this staff. GBR!!
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I've met Ron several times over the years and worked with him at some Youth For Christ events. He's an asset to the UNL football program.

Some fans get offended by his religious beliefs or political stances, but you can't deny that he wants to build young boys into men of high moral character. I see a lot of the same in Matt Rhule, and I'm guessing that's a large part of why they hit it off so much.


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