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CJ Smith to transfer portal


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These trends are making my interest in recruiting less and less. It's getting hard for me to get excited about a new prospect even as a 4 star. I used to love to follow our recruits diligently and get excited about their film & potential. Now I feel I may as well just stop paying attention until they hit the field, even then they still bail.
Well, can’t blame them when they have 44 lurkers, lurking around them.
I love this spin, hope it plays out on the field!

When a player has cracked the 2-deep and has always been portrayed as having a positive attitude by the coaches, and he's in line to get some playing time as a redshirt freshman in the fall, why do you think he transferred? It seems like an odd time to decide that you don't like the coaches, doesn't it? That's especially true when you consider that he specifically followed them to Nebraska after having originally committed to UCF because he wanted to play for the coaches that he got to know through seeing how they coached his older brother.

Here's another thought: look at the timing. If summer conditioning has started, and the soon-to-be freshmen are trickling in, and they seem bigger, quicker, and more athletic than you, and you are in the process of rehabbing a knee injury, would it be so strange to decide that the grass might be greener elsewhere?

I don't like that he's transferring because we could use the depth and his year of experience, but I agree with @LarstheRed that he saw that he was going to move down the depth charts, and so he's leaving. I understand that, and I wish him well.


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I think transfers are a clear indicator that we are creating significant competition. And A for effort right now is better than A for talent.


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wish him well and hope he fulfills his football expectations. hope he looks back and wishes he could have apart of one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of college football.gbr

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It is odd that we are seeing safeties transfer out when we lost essentially 3 starters from last year. Also Frost said he thought we had a top 5 safety class nationally in 2018, but who is left? It was a transition class, I get it, but it does seem a little odd in some spots.
These top athletes are difficult to sign and seeing the safety exodus from the 2018 class is discouraging. It makes me wonder if Nebraska can sign and retain enough top recruits to be competitive with the big programs in college football.