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#21 Cincinnati plays BC today in the TICKETSMARTER BIRMINGHAM BOWL. We play Cincinnati next 26 Sep 2020. Should be interesting to watch so we can see what were up against. They are ranked #61 in College football talent level. They are 10-3 this year with losses to OSU and Memphis [twice]. They beat UCF and UCLA this season. They were 11-2 in 2018. This is one of those teams we could lose to next season.



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Wait, they are back in the game. Not.
Cinci is seemingly going into not to lose mode instead of stepping on the gas. I hate when teams do this. Florida did that against Virginia earlier in a bowl game and cost me the game because of the point spread, bungholes. Cincinnati needs to win by 8 or more for me to win this game. They better just step on BC's neck and crush 'em.


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38-6, for those wanting to see a final score.

Cincy's D actually held BC scoreless, as BC scored their 6 on a return of a blocked FG.

Cincinnati's quarterback is a sophomore. He's an average passer, but he'll commonly beat you with his feet.


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Cincy seemed to be able to run the ball at will against BC. I think BC fired their head coach. Team is probably is some sort or turmoil. Cincinnati looks to be a solid football team.