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Chubba Purdy OV 14 Jan: "NU is #1 on his list"

2nd and 3

Hey Yo...
2 Year Member
Any updates if he's on campus yet? I'm not a Twitter guy so don't know if anything has been posted there or not.

The Nth Degree

Junior Varsity
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The tweets on Whip's attire are kinda funny, but do make some reasonable points.

Glad Purdy was/is on campus. Hope all went/goes well.


Short...but slow
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Pitt is a Nike school, and Nebraska is Adidas. When we old men find comfortable shoes, we don't like to change. I suspect that there was a pair of non-Adidas shoes somewhere nearby.
That or he has just been watching Die Hard over Xmas break and is getting used to his new environment with the "make fists in the carpet with your toes" technique.