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Chubba Purdy OV 14 Jan: "NU is #1 on his list"


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Thought you couldn't have contact with coaches with unofficial visits?

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  • December 13, 2021 – January 13, 2022
    • Except: The seven days immediately before the first day of classes of the institution’s second academic term that are not part of the contact period (applicable only to prospective student athletes who intend to enroll midyear) is a quiet period
    • Except: December 13–19, 2021 is a contact period for National Service Academies
    • Except: January 10–12, 2022 is a quiet period for National Service Academies
    • *December 13–19, 2021 for midyear JUCO NLI Signing Period remains a dead period for junior college prospective student-athletes who intend to enroll midyear
  • https://www.ncsasports.org/ncaa-eligibility-center/recruiting-rules/dead-period


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This is amazing. I don't know much about this guy at all, but I'm excited he's visiting and hope he commits. I need my head examined.