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Chiefs Hill .....done

Sad for the boy and for the parents. Hopefully they have extended family that can come in and help provide support for the child through this.

I was flipping through AM radio and stumbled on 810 when KCTV 5 reporter was talking to a local figurehead about her report. I swear that I could feel spittle coming through my car speakers as the TV5 reporter and figurehead were slobbering this news out on the radio.

Meanwhile, Angie Ricono of KCTV 5 reports that, shortly before Hill’s son was removed from the custody of Hill and fiance Crystal Espinal, Hill called 911 and advised that Espinal was passed out. Hill was living in a hotel at the time due to a no-contact order with the couple’s son, but an alarm was tripped inside Espinal’s home and, through cameras installed in the home, Hill was able to see her on the floor and their son walking around unattended. It is unclear why Espinal was passed out, and the phone call itself is now a part of the ongoing criminal investigation, so it has not been made available to the media.