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Chances of Winning

Husker In Oklahoma

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Completely agree.
I mean seriously, who, name another team that recruits like Nebraska (#20 average over the past 4 years), and plays like the #63 team? I can’t think of one other team who underperforms their recruiting ranking as bad as Nebraska. It’s not a coincidence. I mean, they are wrong only on Nebraska? I just don’t buy it.


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If an upset is going to happen, things really need to fall into place. I don't think it happens if penalties, poor special teams, turnovers, and the typical miscues occur this week. We really haven't seen that happen yet, so I don't have much faith. They still have to play the game and bigger upsets have happened, so it's possible. GBR!
So you're saying there's a chance? (Like with me and Cindy Crawford)


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The portal is hitting every school, not just Nebraska. So, I’m guessing you believe NU has worse talent than northwestern, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and a host of others? BS, I’m not buying it. There is talent on this roster, it’s just not playing up to potential. That is development and coaching. There are 2 teams on the schedule with more talent than NU, clearly Ohio State, and to a lesser degree Oklahoma. Michigan I’m unsure of. Other than that, no one has a decisive talent gap over Nebraska. It should have enough talent to compete with most anyone. I it’s all scheme and coaching bruh. Stop with the no talent excuse. It’s nonsense.

It's the coaching, Stupid. And the stupid coaching.

Art Vandelay

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I think this could be fairly tight game. Oklahoma runs hot and cold...you just have to catch them on the cold day. And others are way more impressed with Rattler than I am, maybe I'll feel differently after the game. He's a decent QB, but nowhere close to what they've had in the past.