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CFB Greatest Helmet Poll - FINAL 4 LINK POSTED


Blackshirt Sith Lord
10 Year Member
OK, so we advanced - barely - to the next round against Ohio State. Gotta beat the Buckeyes.

We have a excellent helmet, but I'd actually be okay losing to Ohio State. Their helmets very iconic to college football. My Top 5 Non-Nebraska helmets (in no particular order) would be: Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State, Oklahoma, and maybe USC or Notre Dame.


All Big 10
10 Year Member
College poll I know, but I think the best helmet logo is the Arizona Cardinals. Can't stand the team......but love me their helmets.


Back to regular scheduled programming.


You talken to me?
5 Year Member
Trying to find a Ohio State helmet not completely covered in those stupid BUCKEYE decals is rare. I think they make a great looking helmet look tacky! No pun intended.


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
I thought drunk painter ;)

Not gonna get his security deposit back.
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