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CFB 150 Patch coming to uniforms...


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Four patches / emblems / logos on the Jersey now, all in the shoulder area. They are starting to blend in with the numbers on top of the shoulder pads.


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It has black in it. This will give a chubby to the "Black is so rad, it should be in our uniform" guy.


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Here's my photoshopped update. I changed Liewer's jersey (foreground) and left Folkers (background) alone. Also, I had to look them up because they're freshmen and I had no idea who they were, LOL.

They really should just make the 150 patch part of the conference patch. So teams can have a SEC150, PAC150, etc. Yes, I realize it's no the 150th anniversary of the Big Ten, per se, but everyone will know what it means and it de-junks the front of the uniforms.

Imagine when we go to a bowl game. Where are they gonna slap the bowl game patch? On the helmet?

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Just had a thought. Ouch.

Why not instead project a hologram on to the field during timeouts and other periods when the field is not in play. Fans at the game and at home will not be best positioned to see or give a hoot about a patch stating our conference, our uniform maker or a commemorative event. Even the Nebraska moral patch. But they will certainly see and internally acknowledge a giant banner on the field of play. Would that meet the advertising intent?


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For college football's centennial, teams wore a "100" sticker on their helmets. Most stuck it on the sides, beneath their team logos and they looked pretty horrendous.

Nebraska (and a few others) slapped it right across the front of the stripe. Always liked that helmet, even though I wasn't alive when it happened.