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Center Brady Heiman enters transfer portal > So. Dakota

Red Don

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I applaud what Heiman brought to the floor for Nebraska. Trueblood too. They gave it their all and made the most of their opportunity.

That said, neither is probably athletic enough to be effective in what Hoiberg wants at Nebraska. That doesn't take anything away from what they accomplished.

Good luck in the future for both of them.

I cannot Up-vote this sentiment enough, REDo! :thumbsup:


Husker Geek
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Þórir Gundmundson Þorbjarnarson will be returning, surprisingly enough. I for one am happy that Amir and Thor will be back with the effort if nothing else. If one or both starts being able to shoot... ;)

Rainbow Dash

Task Force One...This is Eagle Eye
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I doubt the conversation was as blunt as depicted. If he doesn’t fit though, he doesn’t fit. It’s probably in the best interest of BH that he sits this year out, get stronger, and enter a system that he will play.