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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked CB Jonathan Aiken to visit for Texas game

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Yet another recruit will visit....CB Jon Aiken......same school as Curt Evens another Nebraska offer....

Jonathan Aiken
Hollywood, FL
Chaminade Madonna College Prep
183 Ilbs
40 time: 4.37
Vertical: 34"
Scholarships: Florida Atlantic, Florida Intl., Illinois, Marshall, Maryland, Michigan, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Rutgers, South Florida, UCF, UCLA, Wake Forest, West Virginia

Rivals: **** 5.8
Scout: **
ESPN: ***

Player Description: CLASS OF 2011 Explosive play making defensive back prospect that uses his speed and tenacity to disrupt offenses. Also a standout on special teams with blocked kicks.


Great acceleration . . . Good mirroring instincts . . . High energy player . . . Seems to be one of team's emotional leaders . . . Solid tackler despite small stature . . . Squares up and wraps up ballcarrier . . . Great special teams player . . . Fearless in kick coverage . . . Has knack for blocking kicks and punts . . . Good running skills once ball is in his hands . . . Ability to change directions quickly . . . Excellent blitzer off the edge


Very impressive video....a real burner...

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Thanks for the update R.R. They keep on comin', don't they.

Isn't Chaminade one of the best H.S. football teams in the country? Or very highly regarded?

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i know it is high school but do you see how fast he was on blocking those fg's! dang. hope he likes his visit and we show him a loud and rockin stadium


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Looks good as a Defensive Backs, although he's going to need to learn to find the ball as a DB. A couple of his pass breakups were him making contact very close to the catch, with his back to the ball.
That's what got Hagg in trouble last year against Texas, once in the endzone and once along the sideline.

Sorry, that was my one negative ned comment I needed to get out.

I love his speed for special teams, he truely looks like something special.


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That kid is fast. As a DB he has a lot to learn though but would look great in the scralet and cream. The Bros. Pelini would work him into something great.


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Do we have much of a recruiting connection down there? I know we have always had some pull in Florida, though it was mostly in the 90s. Who is the primary recruiter on this kid?
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