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For all we know nothing was going to happen to him until the cops found out he was a current Husker and wanted to make an example of him. I have as much proof of that as I do that he got a sweetheart deal because he is a Husker.


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Privilege? seriously? you are talking about a kid that walked on, busted his hump for years and worked himself into a starting role while incuring the expense of going to school. Nothing was given to him. He screwed up, he's being punished and it's not up to any of us to decide what that punishment is.
Driving is a privelege is it not?


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Lame, that line is so played out. I don't give a squat who he plays for, it's about fairness. I guess I shouldn't be surprised CFB fans want to throw a kid under the bus and destroy his rep without knowing the facts of the case. These are the same people who want to bench, replace and never see a kid again the second he drops a pass or misses a tackle. The righteous indignation of CFB fans never ceases to amaze me. For all we know he never drove the car and was trying to keep warm until he had an option to get home that did not include driving while impaired. Kid will probably do more good in his life before he leaves college than most of the people who want to make him out to be some kind of worthless direlect. Lame
I'm never amazed by the righteous indignation of those complaining about the righteous indignation of others...speaking of that.....ya know how neighbors give ya gifts. Well I found one on my doorstep last night that was a white washcloth with a bar of soap that said "cleanse" and a rolled up paper that had the story of Mary and Joseph trying to find room at the Inn all wrapped in a red ribbon. Oh yeah, and a candy cane. Still trying to figure out if I should be insulted or take it as a compliment, I also wonder if it has something to do with the fact that someone took the reindeer in the front yard and put them in a compromising position and I left them that way for a couple days....glad I seperated them before that group of Christmas Carolers came by last night.


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Yes, and I did what was necessary to serve my pennance. You?
Nope. I was with a guy that got one once. The cop let me and the other passenger blow to see if we could drive his car home. Wouldn't tell us the reading. He just shook his head and called for a tow truck.
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