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Canada vs USA in World Junior Finals

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Should be a good Tilt tonight. Canada dominated Russia last night. Didn’t watch USA vs Finland but the score was close. Must of been a good game.

End of two periods and the USA leads 2-0.

Game far from over but the Americans thus far have looked really good
One of if not the greatest game played by the USA

Phenomenal in all aspects of the game

USA well deserved win 2-0 and in Edmonton no less

Oh and the all Canadian official crew were terrific. One of the best officiated finals U have seen.
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USA got better each game and played a much tougher schedule than Canada

The Canadians were never challenged until tonight

In the end a good game by the arch rivals
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What a great win! That last 10 minutes felt like the US was killing a penalty though. So many great chances for that team up north, but Knight stood on his head.


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