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Can You name 'em! ;)

Red Don

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Name That Team (Member)!

Q: Can You name 'em! :wink: (and who is missing?)


Ans: L - R (top row)

Allison Weidner; Trinity Brady; Kendall Coley; Alexis Markowski; Kendall Moriarty; Tatiana Popa; Annika Stewart; Whitney Brown; MiCole Cayton; Isabelle Bourne; Sam Haiby

(bottom row)
Nailah Dillard; Bella Cravens; Ashley Scoggin

Missing: Ruby Porter; Jaz Shelley (both now on campus)

:Redface: apologies for the poor picture quality. Higher resolution exceeds the allowed limit.

Here's a link to a better picture: (click on the frame)
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