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Can CBB Scheduling be more Aggressive?

Husker Mort

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Laboring through December is the worst part of the CBB calendar--few games (6 for NU), big breaks in-between, and almost no good match-ups. It got me thinking that CBB is, actually, really conservatively scheduled. Is there any reason that CBB teams cannot increase their competition by about 1/3? Academics are not the issue, if baseball players can put in 50-55 games. Basketball is a quick recovery sport, so health shouldn't be a hurdle, either. The NBA plays 82 games, but that is nuts, so let's shoot for half of that and do the following:

Let's blend the B1G's approach to volleyball and baseball to arrive at an approach that provides a more compelling CBB slate and parity in the conference schedule (guaranteed home-and-home series for all).
1. Let's assume 3 games/week in Nov, Jan, Feb and 10 games in December, to account for finals and holidays.
2. The schedule is simply 3 games per week: 1 during the week (either Tues/Wed) and a pair on the weekend (Thurs/Sat or Fri/Sun scheduling to maximize TV exposure and allow for rest). Teams would alternate traveling one weekend and two home games the next, just like VB. Coincidentally, the weekend pair more closely approximates tournament conditions.
3. Revised Schedule:
November is for non-cons (still), but the B1G is onto something with the early league action, so make the last weekend of November and first of December conference play. Total games: 13 (Net: +5; 12 non-con, 1 league), including Oct 30/31 Tip and 1 game break for T'giving)
December is for hype and holidays: first two weeks feature two non-cons (weekday) and four league games (split over November, this year). Week three is dead week (finals), so no games. Two holiday non-con round-robin tournaments (3 games each) in the final two weeks add to the intrigue without screwing the kids over on time off. Think fun locales, possibly in conjunction with bowl games. Total Games: 10 (+4, 7 non-con, 3 league)
Jan/Feb settles into league groove, but provides a few in-week games against non-cons, across the country (ideally, the in-week home/away is opposite the weekend). Couple games off for New Year's means 12 games in January and 13 in February. BIGGEST CHANGE: home-and-home series for all league opponents! Factor in two rest days. Total games: 23 (+7, 4 non-con, 19 league)
4. Cancel the B1G Tourney and Crown the Champ via Conference Record
Pros: B1G is playing meaningful games the same week everyone else is "off", provides a little more opportunity for rest (no team is playing four games in four days to finish season) and regular season matters more. Con: No suspense, last-ditch opp'y for dance hopeful.

To recap:
20 Non-Conference Games (+7)
26 League Games (+8)
46 Total (+14)
...plus Postseason (1 to 6 games; No Conference Tourney means 1 to 4 less games, there.)

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