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Cam Jurgens injury?


Anyone know what size shoe Jurgen wears? I'm afraid we never see him play meaningful reps and his career is over.


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Some peop;le get injured often. Seems like he is one of them. We've got a bunch of them on the DC sports teams - the same guys injured year after year, with always the hope that this time the player will get fixed and be perfect and durable in the future. Doesn't happen. Lays out, rehabs, and reinjures himself

I suspect he will try to come back, but when the problem is the foot and ankle, yipes. Lots of ways for there to be problems among all those bones and tendons. We should forget about him in our serious planning, and accept it as good luck if he can make it back. He didn't look to me as the one that would win the starting job anyway from what has been published.


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Not holding out much hope for Jurgens playing much D-1 football. Too injury prone. Sad for the kid and feel for him. Was injury prone in HS and seems to be following him in to College football.


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Cat out of the bag now. Unfortunate for the position that is the biggest worry on offense next year.

Farnioks job to lose. Miller, Forbes, and Wegener need to come in ready to roll, don’t make us move Wilson there.
Pretty much my thinking. Farniok's a guy I like quite a bit, but I think both Miller and Forbes have a lot of potential and could be as good or even better. Wegener's a 3 to play 2 guy and a walk-on who the plan seemed to be to get on academic sholarships for year 1 and who missed the spring because they were waiting for him to get the academic scholarships... so tough for him to make up that time, but if the first 3 simply can't get it done, he could be the guy to pick up the pieces

current roster sizes:
Farniok 6-3, 290 RFR
Miller 6-4, 325 So
Forbes 6-4, 290 RFR
Wegener 6-2, 295 JR (rs left to use)
Jurgens 6-3, 270 RFR (out now)


One thing that this could make more possible is the idea of moving the other Farniok to OG. If Benhart is that good and if Farniok can do enough at OG that gives us a lot of options at Center - I think Hixson's looking like a guy who is in the top 5. Does it help us more to give him a shot at Center? I doubt we test that unless the current centers just aren't looking like they can do it

That said a kid can take a bit leap in the summers of their freshman, RFR, and Sophomore years on campus. One of Farniok, Miller, and Forbes can take the kind of jump that Hixson appears to have made by the time this fall rolls around, and while I'd prefer Wegener to have had a full spring, this might be exactly why he's here...

If this had happened next year, we'd be in a much better spot, but even so we have options and I have a lot of faith in Austin to get this group ready

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Have we gotten any official word on this? Seems odd that that all the Husker football reporters remain radio silent on this.

Mom seems like a pretty good source, but still needing confirmation, I suppose.