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Caleb Lightbourn Transferring


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In fairness - Andrew Bunch also put his name on that list a while back, and decided to stay after considering his options.

There may be a chance that Lightborn is doing the same thing. I rather doubt that he is, but there is that chance.

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I really think his issue was between his ears, the kid has talent, don't know if having to play right away screwed with him or what, the physical tools were there. Wish him the best.
Could be and a sports psychologist might be the answer


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The kid walked into an impossible situation. He was scheduled to redshirt a year behind SF47 and right before fall camp got thrust into the starter role. I wouldn’t want that for anyone.
I feel like that’s letting him off the hook a bit. Being thrust into the starter role in 2016 and still not able to figure it out 30+ games later in 2018 is not a “he didn’t get to redshirt” problem. It’s not like he was forced to start at QB.
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