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Bye Week Presser: Tuesday 20 September With Coach Joseph 11:30 AM CDT

Quality Czech

15 Year Member
Doubt MJ is going to be our next HC simply because of circumstances beyond his control. Nebraska is probably looking for someone with a proven track record with HC credentials. Assuming MJ handles things well this interim HC thing however could be a great audition. I can see him getting a HC job for a smaller program then Nebraska to start out. Perhaps a good FCS school that needs a good coach, excellent recruiter and most important a person with a ton of integrity.
Agree - hope it leads to bigger and better things for Coach Joseph…


Big Red Fanatic
15 Year Member
Was it knee issue?

Ajay Allen


I’m fine just a damn collarbone


Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
I really like the honest and frank approach that MJ takes behind the mike. He is fostering a relationship with the press "we are family " as opposed to alienating them. I like his emphasis on fundamentals and accountability. When you suck you have to go back to the basics to get better.
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