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Bunt to break up a no-hitter bush-leage?


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Some flap over Aybar laying down a bunt to spoil Verlander's no-no yesterday. Although verlander is on my fantasy team and would have loved to see him do it, can't disagree more with him and leland calling the play bush-leage.

it was a tight game vs a team that is fighting for a playoff spot, the angels have no obligation to play possum just to protect a stat for an opposing pitcher. If it was an 11-0 game with 2 outs in the 9th and they were 23 games out of contention, then yes, probably a bush move. But in this case no way. Verlander and leland need to shut thier pie holes.

Aybar did come around to score too, so apparently the strategy worked.

NS Husker

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I am with you McJack. Here's a scenario - The Angels are sitting at home in early October because they lose the AL West by one game. Aybar texts his teammates saying we could be playing today but I wasn't "allowed" to bunt against Verlander because he had a no-no going. At least I didn't break the code.

Field the ball and make the play instead of throwing it down the right field line.

Is anyone allowed to bunt against Verlander in the first inning or only if the no-no has been broken already?

The other thing that irks me along this vein is power hitting teams keep swinging hard in blowouts but small ball teams are supposed stop bunting and stealing. I get it but seems like a double standard.

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Not in that situation as the game was still in doubt....now if they were down 8-0 and a bad team not fighting for a playoff spot then I would probably so yes.


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not bush league. That's baseball. "I would have had a no-hitter if it wasn't for that guy the got a hit".