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Buffaloes v AF



CU, by virtue of opponent, less inspired this week. That said, who the heck does the AF have that can even come close to handling Shenault and Dixon. They should have 3 scores each.
they have natural born winners all over the field and sideline. winners playing together hard to beat. winners with talent even harder. talent without enough winners on a football field is just going through the motions.


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While one game doesn't necessarily have anything to do with another... Air Force trucking Colorado is not a good sign for this Husker team. Such a bad loss for the Huskers last week. Sooooo bad
And South Alabama is currently getting trucked by Memphis. Kind of disheartening….


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No, today is good news in the long term.

It reminds us that the 85 scholarship rule means that other than a few elite schools, anybody can rise up and beat you if your kids aren't focused or if you have just a few key injuries.

The good news is getting our walk on program back provides depth that other schools won't have in addition to building back the culture that is Husker football.

Remember, its only year two of the walk on program, year two of strength and conditioning and our kids damn near died doing ONE HALF of what the UCF kids did normally in S&C!!

In the Bob Father, Osborne years our o-line men were Nebraska kids that didn't see the field until they spent three years on average in S&C (juniors), remember?!

So today reaffirms what college football is all about and where we need to go and that Coach Frost is doing the things that can rebuild Husker football. Now if my heart can just hold together while that happens :)