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Broncos looking at Jim Harbaugh


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I’m hoping the ownership group sat down with him and said ‘Thanks for your time, Mr Harbaugh’.

It would give me a glimmer of hope they aren’t going to end up in a WalMart margin bin.

I think they should hire the son of a long time NFL coordinator.


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There was some writeup on Bienemy - maybe by someone who thought he was a CU candidate. Apparently Bienemy has a rap sheet that is fairly serious and prevents schools from looking at him - and pros as well.
Lived in Longmont Colorado (next door to Boulder) after college during the Bienemy days. He certainly was no Boy Scout. CU kept it out of the news. (No social media or camera phones back then). Guessing anyone considering him as a Head Coach will have knowledge of some of it. (Especially CU)

With that said, I am sure he is not the same person today as he was then. He has been very successful so far in his coaching career. But still, I will never be a fan knowing what I do. Leave it at that.
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