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Brenna Ochoa

I have no idea if you will read this but in case you do.

Being a girl from Nebraska you are an example for so many who play in the NE League. You are the favorite of one of my daughters and you were nice enough to give her an autograph a couple of years ago.

We have season tickets and come to games when she isn’t playing, which is not often. We might have seen you play for the last time last Friday against Maryland. I just want to say thanks for being a good role model. You have always been a good athlete but it’s clear this year you have transformed yourself physically, I’m sure it took a lot of work to move to the next level. You have always shown limitless energy and this year you are faster than before.

My daughter and I bring girls to the Husker games and they often talk about you. The girls can relate to you. Like you did, they spend hot afternoons and/or frigid mornings at Tranquility, Speedway, Zorinsky, Overland Park, Council Bluffs, Fremont, Des Moines, etc.. They hobble to school after being kicked in the legs, having hands stepped on, shots off the face, rain, heat, fatigue. They have something to prove when they play girls from MO, IL, WI. It was worth it because of what they get from hanging out with teammates, running around hotels, goofing off in carpools, watching Husker football from sports bars in KC or Denver, pizza parties, laughs after wins and anger after losses. Maybe only parents show up for games but they are as proud of you as all of Memorial stadium is of the football team. You have lived what a few hundred Nebraska girls live every year and you gave them hope by taking it to another level. Most people don’t appreciate it but the girls of the NE League do. You’re part of a sisterhood with girls you will never meet but you are them.

Thanks for the memories Brenna. Good luck!
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