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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Brendan 'Bookie' Radley-Hiles is N!!! (#36 in Rivals Top 100) Update: SILENT COMMIT SINCE APR 2016

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WOW!! Certainly surprised me as I thought he was waiting until July 31st to announce his choice. Bookie seems like a genuine, top notch PERSON, not just athlete. He exudes all the qualities anyone should have at his age. I think the Huskers are extremely blessed that he has chosen Nebraska to compete and live in for the next four yrs. This is going to be a stellar recruiting year with this great young player and the guys pledged so far. Thanks for choosing the Huskers, Bookie!

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As my 7th grader says, what the crap?! I was of the impression he was waiting for summer to honor his brother. But the video clearly does that, and that video RR posted in another thread shows the admiration he has for MR. I'm really impressed by the kid after that video and really hope for the best for him. Pure class.
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