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***BREAKING NEWS*** Will Bolt new HC!!!


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I’m with you. Quite peculiar to invest so much in recruiting and so little in pitching coach resume.
Fwiw, in the OWH article Childress said that he thinks Christy will make an excellent pitching coach.

But while Bolt leaves a void that’s yet to be filled in College Station, Childress said the same is true of Christy. The first base coach developed scouting reports, worked with catchers and handled on-campus recruiting.​
Jeff Christy was a catcher at Nebraska and will be the pitching coach for the Huskers.​
And though Christy has only officially been a pitching coach during his time at Central Oklahoma, he’s worked closely with Childress — who has a deserved reputation as one of the best pitching coaches in the country — as a player at Nebraska and the last two years at A&M. Christy called the pitches in a 1-0 shutout of eventual CWS qualifier Mississippi State last month when Childress was at his daughter’s graduation. He also took over after the head coach was ejected in a 3-2 win over Alabama.​
“He’s more than equipped to be an amazing pitching coach at the University of Nebraska,” Childress said. “He’s going to do an amazing job.”​