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Hiya folks. A while ago I made bratwurst, but instead of linking it I made patties for quick eats. It is a bit fennel heavy, but with a fried egg with a runny yolk, a little swiss cheese melted over both in a sandwich with homemade mayo they are pretty darn tasty.

That is all.

must include pics.....

HomeMade roast beef deli meat (smoked)


bratwurst brings back memories of buying bratwurst and brotchen on a street corner in Kaiserslautern. So very wonderful with the hot german mustard.
Bamberg for me. I still do an imitation of the awesome German dude who ran a stand outside Warner Barracks, "... mit senf, mit fries?" His cadence on "senf" lasted about two full seconds. Drives my wife nuts but brings back great memories for me.


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