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Box and One Defense

Red Don

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Box and One, Diamond and One "Junk" Defense.

Thanks (and a tip-o-the-Hat) to @bugeaters1 for looking this up for those of Us that have no idea what that is.

It was at Coach Amy Williams instigation to run the "Diamond and One Defense
(Now that's what I call "Coaching.")

The Diamond and One is the perfect changeup to either a man-to-man or zone defense. It serves three purposes: to contain the opposing team’s best player, to take away the strengths of that player, and to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm on offense.

This defense is designed to shut down the other team’s best player by cutting off open looks. It is the perfect defense against a “one man” team since it forces other players to beat you. The opposing offense will probably line up in a 1/3/1 set to combat either defense. They will often attack it as if playing against a zone.

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