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Book on gene editing, creating designer babies, women winning Nobel prize, vaccine for Covid 19,etc.


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This isn't for everyone, but for those who want to better understand what is going on in efforts to utilize knowledge of the gnome to solve medical problems, this book should be of interest. It features the work of Jennifer Doudna who received a Nobel prize in Chemistry. It follows her as she works to develop CRISPR and then all that has followed from that and shines a light on the competitiveness of the field, the brilliance and peculiar character traits of many involved, and the pressing eternal question of should we play god and make designer babies. I have not yet read the part of the book that discusses Covid 19, but it is just around the corner.

The book is The Code Breaker and its author is Walter Isaacson. It reads like a novel in many respects. Isaacson has may biographies in his resume - Jobs, da Vinci, Kissinger, etc., and is very popular.