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Booing During Injuries

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Please make sure you e-mail all of the Big 10 Network announcers because they must also be reprimanded for having the audacity to question the same injuries the 90,000 fans were responding to during the game.

The announcers are supposed to be impartial and call the game like they see it. They saw potential fake injuries and questioned it.

Starting with the first flop by Allen's kid.


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NCAA needs to take this on somehow. Maybe if you stop the game for injury, the player misses the entire series. Or you get so many that can return per game 1 or 2 and then they can't. If they do, you lose a time out


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Let's not compound a disappointing season and loss by losing our character and identity as fans. Booing every time an Indiana player was injured was classless. It was noticed by the Indiana fans, players, and coaches.
Good. I hope every Indiana fan, player, and coach feels embarrassed. They didn't even do a good job acting. It was clear as day to everyone what they were doing.


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It was literally the coach’s kid that did one of the flops.

I thought the coach's kid was actually legit both times, especially the second time when you could see his shoulder was hurt at the moment of physical contact.


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1. Should be easy to see how 'injured' they were based on when they returned to the game. IIRC i counted about 6 'injury' stoppages... nearly all during successful up tempo drives. Strangely, none that I can remember were slow mo replayed by the production crew.

2 It was obvious that the crowd was not booing, but rather yelling LUUUUUUKE.

3. No way we injured any UI players yesterday. Just not physically possible. Sadly.

4. No one watching the game would question the crowd booing...it was that obvious.
You cry wolf enough people stop believing you. Besides...see number 2.

5. How's this sound....2 injury stoppages in the half and on the 3rd you lose a timeout.

6. We sucked yesterday.
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IIRC three of the four I saw worked out well for them and ended our drives.
It reminded me of watching an Oregon game while Coach Frost was there and the team they were playing did the exact same thing!
Some of them may have been legit but the rest (44’s and 50’s) seemed blatant from my seat.
Oh it also gave them extra timeout because they didn’t have to use theirs.

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Players are coached to go to the ground whenever they are injured so that the team has time to get their backup into the game. There isn't a single fan in the stands who has any clue whether or not a player is actually injured. The timing was poor, no doubt about that, but it doesn't change the fact that booing an injured player is classless.
I agree but, if what I heard was true and the main culprit was the coach's son, it's pretty obvious what was going on. If I'm Frost, I send a public message: "Flopping disrespects the game. I don't respect anyone who encourages or permits flopping."

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What are the odds that 6 defensive players are injured on the team but you have none on the offensive side of the ball ? So the offense that they were going against was so much tougher than the defense they were going against? things to make you go hmmmm
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