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Boe Wilson in Transfer Portal


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Writing was on the wall after losing his job to a RFR. Our O-Line talent is getting way better.....RFR and FR are beating out upperclassmen....and we have good recruits signed this year....this, above all else, gives me a lot of optimism moving forward....


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In this case I don’t blame Bo. He has a narrow window and was passed up by younger players. I hope he lands on a team that can get him some playing time.
He was a good soldier and played pretty well for us. Won the starting job and played really well next to Farmer as a sophomore. Got stuck in a mess of an offensive line the next year next to a newly created Center who couldn't get snaps over and then lost his job to a converted OT and RFR OG who, outside of one game, didn't play as well as he did the year before. Not to say he was a perfect player, but our OL situation's been an ongoing mess and it's hard to blame him for getting a shot somewhere else.

We get a bit of a freebie this year, and there's no doubt the ceiling for our OL talent is higher, but we can't afford another year of a sharp learning curve on the OL to start the year.


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Gotta tip my hat to him & wish him the best. Unfortunately the teams he played on weren't the caliber we all want but he stuck with it. Hope he gets some quality playing time and contributes to whatever team he ends up with.
Once aHusker,always a Husker.he didn’t quit and held the course.Saw it through his senior year.Don’t blame him for wanting to play more. I wish him good health,happiness,and success.Keep the faith.GBR.