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Bo Penguinis


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Yes he did but that LSU defense had a ton of talent.
I feel like his ability to recruit that talent along with Frost is there. He never had the defenses he wanted with us because he couldn't focus on it as much as he would have liked. Either way, I think it would be more effective than Chinanders D


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Not at all. I just wonder why you guys get so much joy out of this. You can't fire him twice.
I don't care about Bo or Mike Riley.
I admit I get joy out of proving people so sure of something that they're wrong.

Bo was just easier than proving just about anything else.



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I am not going to read through 30 pages of posts, but looks like YSU is fair-to-middling this year again. I have to admit I didn't see Bo having this hard of a time at YSU.


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I know this won’t go over well, but I hoped he’d do well at Youngstown and get another P5 gig. He had his moments, good and bad, but I actually liked the guy.
That is where I am at, I don't hold any grudges against the dude, he was himself, he was hired here by Tom and continued to be himself. I don't like some of the things he did or the way he acted, but I don't hold any grudges against him and I hoped he would do well down the road.