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He said "perceived as a national power". Rankings are perceptions. A top ten ranking is a perception of national power at the time of the ranking.

But I realize that once the data is exposed on that one, it doesn't meet certain agendas. So I guess we stick with Nebraska being a national power under TO only about half the time. :(
"I would say any time you can crack the top ten in the rankings, you are perceived as a national power."

We just have a vastly different idea of what constitutes a "national power" apparently.

Dave Feit

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To me, a "national power" is a program that is over the course of 3-5 years is consistenly in the top 15, regularly wins "big" games (i.e. games vs. top 10 teams and upper tier bowl games), is a true perennial contender for their conference (not just division) title, and yes - has Gameday show up for at least one of their games every year.

By that definition, the current "national powers" include LSU, Bama, Oklahoma, Boise, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Texas, So Cal, and Ohio State are slipping from the "national power" ranks. Personally, I think Nebraska is on the cusp of "national power."

NOTE - there is definite difference between "national power" and "perennial (or historic) power". Those are the schools that have the reputation, pedigree, and history of high level success. Here you're talking about ND, Texas, OU, Bama, LSU, USC, OSU, Nebraska and a few others. Boise, Oregon, Houston, TCU, and any of the other flashes in the pan don't get in.

Big "D"zasker

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Man, I really hope I don't become a cranky old sourpuss when I get old like some of the folks on here. Maybe if ya put your teeth in, shave your ear hairs, grab your favorite blacks socks and white sandels and head outside for a nice walk in the cool winter air, you'll feel refreshed and not so damn bitter.
Actually, it's much more efficient to pluck them. ;)


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Yeah, how dare a fan get excited about the team they cheer for being 4-0... :rolleyes:
Actually, the best we got to that last season was 2-0, BABY!!!!!!! We were destroyed in front of the home crowd and a national TV audience in our 3rd game.


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The days of conference championships only coming from two schools Oklahoma and Nebraska in the old Big 8 are long gone. Too many teams are trying that simply didn't try back in the day. As a result conference championships are harder to win in bunches. I really do think Nebraska is not that far away, and is moving steadily closer.

Bo as a coach will get there. Once he wins one though I don't expect him to win 5 in a row. That just isn't going to happen in 12 team leagues of today versus 8 team leagues of previous times.

I will be much more willing to evaluate the whole of the progress once the bowl season is over (yes, I am putting a big value on this years game). They don't have to win the Capital One, but they better not be "Wisconsin or Michigan game prepared" or I will be disappointed. Not that my judgement is all that critical to the process for I am only a fan.


Actually, the best we got to that last season was 2-0, BABY!!!!!!! We were destroyed in front of the home crowd and a national TV audience in our 3rd game.
Had to be talking about the '05 season...only time Billllllly sniffed at 4-0, 'course that included the Houston dodge, and U of Maine nail-biter. More to the point, NEWI probably didn't understand the "house of cards" reference. It is semi-esoteric especially in light of the sterling 1-4 record our fab HFC (at the time) awarded NU fans over the subsequent 5 games. :lol:
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