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Blaise Gunnerson is 'N" Selected To All-America Bowl/Upgraded To 4 Star #132 in Top 247

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I read some Iowa St stuff. Pretty dismissive, saying he will never play a snap at OLB. Then it devolved into nonsensical talk about condiments...
Might be right about that...might end up being a DE if he continues to grow.
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Incredible recruiting job. Perhaps the best this staff has done
The more I see or hear about Gunnerson, the more I like him. His performance at Friday Night Lights knocked it out of the ballpark. If there were any doubts about lingering injury issues, he smashed them that night. If he isn't in Rivals top 250 (and I don't mean at #244), then it is a joke. I will be curious where he ends up as services sometimes don't like admitting they were wrong (unless Notre Dame, USC, or Alabama are involved.) But hopefully, his injury will give them an easy way out saying now that he is healthy, we can finally accurately evaluate him.