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Black friday game against Iowa to be on CBS


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We'll be about as good as we are going to get, assuming no injuries. As to when we play on that day, the season records will probably decide.


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As long as Nebraska wins and I do not have to pay extra to watch the game…



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When was the last time NBC broadcast a nebraska game? Sea of red in my hometown of notre dame? Maybe a Gator Bowl?
Quick research- it looks like the 2000 game @ Notre Dame was probably the last time we were on NBC. We played ND the following year at home, but that game was on CBS. NBC had Gator Bowl rights until 2006, but we didn't play in the Gator Bowl until 2008, when it was on CBS. The closest we've been to playing on NBC since then, best I can tell, is the 2011 game against Wyoming in Laramie. That game was televised on Versus, which the following year was rebranded NBC Sports Network.
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