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Bill Moos Under Initial Consideration To Be Pac 12 Commissioner


Nobody important
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What is the pay for that gig? Has to be more than AD.
One would assume that but also more responsibility and more 'bitchy' people to deal with. Make his 1 to 1.5 million here for the next 1 1/2 then ride off into the sunset.


Scout Team
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Its hard for me to judge his performance as an AD. I don't think we have made any advancement in the win loss success rate of our programs, so if that is the measuring stick, he has not done a very good job.. If that is not on him, just how do we judge him? That he agreed to give $5Milion annually to a football coach that has given us a very lousy win loss record in his time here, as well as making us look silly off and on? Of a BB program that seems to have hit bottom? Or a decline in certain women's sports performances? We like to think he got a football schedule last fall, but if OSU had not jumped on board we never would have had that.

So its hard for me to see the positives, whatever they might be. At best he's an ordinary AD, somewhere in the lower tier of those we have had.

What would we be losing if he leaves to take a commish job at the PAC 12? It would certainly be a step up for him if he wants it and therefore wouldn't reflect badly on our AD job.. If the next guy in didn't want the current head football coach, I'm not sure that is a great loss

But it doesn't matter. They aren't going to take him.


Nobody important
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Ever since Tom Osborne stepped down as AD, I've thought Ed Stewart would be an intriguing candidate for the gig.
I think he was mentioned several years ago but wasn't his wife a TV personality in dallas? I thought at the time that his wife would not relocate to Nebraska. But I could be remembering wrong.