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Bill Moos Under Initial Consideration To Be Pac 12 Commissioner


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Be very surprised if Moos was selected for that conference. My bet is they hire a politically correct canadate most likely a female comish.
Bingo. No way Moos would be a fit as Commish in the Bay Area. He’s a great fit here in reasonably conservative Nebraska. He was a home run hire. Hopefully Frost gets this ship turned around and they are both here for awhile.
If he were to go NU needs to make the most aggressive push in the history of college athletics to get Tom Jurich!!! Dude may have a bit of baggage but will raise serious $$$ and will have winners all across the athletic department.
Living in Louisville I see every day what Jurich is capable of. Built a football stadium, basketball arena, soccer stadium, baseball stadium, bought a golf course for the team and paid for a renovation, etc... U of L's campus is not great and certainly nothing like UNL and he was still able to raise all the sports programs to new levels. Since he's been gone most of the programs have started to decline and some of the phenomenal coaches that led to the changes have left.

He will have another high level D-1 job again and if Moos leaves I'd love it to be at NU.