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Bill Moos is considering allowing alcohol at Husker football games in the suites and loge levels.


Travel Squad
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From the front page: Bill Moos is considering allowing alcohol* at Husker football games in the suites and loge levels. The article is behind a paywall so I can't read the story, but...

I'd rather not have alchohol in Memorial Stadium, but I'd rather have it everywhere than just for a select few. Total BS if that happens.
Bad move in my opinion.


Music Soothes My Soul
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Hell, why stop with booze, have a smoke garden too. Kidding, but people are seriously too uptight about alcohol, and like some one else stated, shut down around the end of the 3rd quarter(half time is for lightweights) and if they do charge say $8 to $10 bucks for a beer, most people, myself included, would most likely only drink one or two anywho. Lighten up you bunch of Nancy's.


Tom Osborne
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Did moos really say, regarding beer at basketball games, that if a guy is drinking a beer in the 3rd row and there is a call he doesn't like the guy would likely throw his beer at the ref? They were kidding on Unsportsmanlike conduct when they said that...right?


Travel Squad
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That is actually a brilliant way to handle it.

Image matters. All it took was a handful of idiot frat guys to hang one Sal Aunese banner, and we still hear that as an example of how we're just like everybody else; that was nearly 30 years ago. We still talk about the Colorado student section being cleared in 2005. It needs to be handled in such a way that it doesn't leave a black-eye if some small group of fans goes all Lord-of-the-Flies on us.

As for those saying that we have plenty of money ... seriously? The exact same people would have thrown their s4!t if it had come out that we couldn't hire Fred Hoiberg (or Scott Frost) because we were outbid by some other school. The general rule of thumb in all things finance is that if you have enough revenue now, you better not stop looking for new sources because the world doesn't stand still. If there's a boat-load of money to be made off of including alcohol in suites, etc., take the freakin' money. If Joe Schmoe in Section ZZZ, Row 280, Seat 983 thinks that it's unfair that they get alcohol, and he doesn't, go donate a couple million dollars, and they'll find a way for Joe to have his alcohol, too. Nobody seems to mind the extra money that comes in from the boosters otherwise.
Obviously that concept only works for the club seating, I'm not opposed to the entire stadium but I have a feeling if they do it it will be eased in and started with club/box seating. I would put "we have enough money" in the same category as "we are set at (insert position group here)" based on the lastest 4*/5* recruit. The next thing you know a kid transfers, a starter breaks his leg and the hot shot high schooler doesn't pan out. We never have plenty of money and we are never set at a position group. We have sports losing money, I would say selling alcohol at baseball games makes even more sense than football given the atmosphere.

Art Vandelay

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Well honestly if I had the cash to have a suite, I would have a fully stocked bar. This would be the university giving its blessing to something we already know is happening...nothing more. It isn’t a revenue producer.

If it’s revenue they’re after it has to be opened up to the masses. If you have 80,000 “bleacher folks” and say half won’t drink at all...that leaves 40,000 that will. Say some have 1 to 2 beers and others have 2 to 4...in the end it averages out to 1 beer a person. So 80,000 at $ 8 a beer is $640,000...after costs it’s somewhere in the half mil profit per game. If that’s worth more fights...a better chance of someone puking down your back and longer lines at the can, then go for it.


Nobody important
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I wonder what the first lawsuit would be for if they allowed alcohol and someone was in an accident after the game. There are enough options before the game and if someone wants to sneak it in that is their business, again I think the negatives outweigh the positives. If you need a beer that bad to enjoy the game/or get through it, then stay home or at the tailgate, plenty of time to drink before.


I'm surprised by the large amount people against stadium wide beer sales. Hell, I barely even drink, and I want to remember the games I go to so I don't really even partake, especially now that I take my son. It would have been more appealing in my 20's and early 30's. This is like the "war" or drugs, while necessary in many aspects, it's a war that will keep being lost like Vietnam. People are going to get drunk whether they sell beer to the masses or not. People sneak in liquor and leave and half time to "reload". Why not pull in about $640,000 like @Art Vandelay laid out? Is it better for the "drunk" to spend $8 for a beer or sneak in a pint of booze (8.5 shots or drinks). The beer will fill him up faster and he won't go from 0-wasted as quick.

@joncarl, I understand your concern for drunk drivers, but how could they prove where the person consumed the majority of their alcohol? And if it where really a big threat, why haven't all the other events like pro sports and music concerts been sued out of business? I'd rather have someone put their money to DONU and drink beer at the game opposed to the hard stuff being snuck in and binge drinking before the game and at half time. I make the drive with my son from Omaha to Lincoln and I worry about the drunks on the road as well, but I don't think stadium wide sales would change any of the that.