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Bill Callahan, interim head coach


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How long until calllahan starts referring to Daniel Snyder as a crusty old ****?


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Snyder is dumber than rocks
Everyone likes to bash Snyder and its not undeserved but Gruden did have 5 years which is an eternity in the NFL. The issue it appears is that Bruce Allen and Gruden were never on the same page. Questionable player decisions indicating the two were not on the same page.

Not sure if the rumors are true that Snyder inserted himself in the drafting of Haskins ... if so then shame on them!


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Just holding down the fort until they get the 2020 coach hired. Decent to very good assistant, terrible head coach. How pissed will we all be if this is Belicheck 2.0 though? I mean, I won’t be, because I still have that Callahan autographed football, but you suckers.....
There would be a fair amount of irony if he was to turn the Redskins around. He did well early on with the Raiders before his arrogance and lack of people skills caught up with him. Of course he had a better roster in Oakland than he’s got in Washington, so that’s problematic.