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Big Ten Volleyball


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Moving on to the regionals:

Lafayette Regional (3 of 4 teams are Big Ten)
Penn State - #1 overall seed
Purdue - beat #9 overall seed Florida State
Minnesota - #8 overall seed

Omaha Regional
Nebraska - #4 overall seed

Berkley Regional
Michigan State - beat #7 overall seed UCLA
Michigan - beat #10 overall seed Louisville

That means 6 of the final 16 teams are Big Ten teams.

Only Ohio State made the tourney and lost. We'll get at least two into the final 8 as we have Purdue vs. Minnesota and Michigan vs. Michigan State both playing on December 7th.

The Big Ten qualified seven teams for the tournament (tying the PAC 12 for the most) -- but they have fared better so far. This should be fun.

Conference: RD01 - RD02 - RD03
Big Ten: 7 - 7 - 6
Pac 12: 7 - 5 - 4
WCC: 6 - 2 - 1
Big 12: 5 - 4 - 2
SEC: 5 - 3 - 2
MVC: 3 - 3 - 1
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There's a pretty good chance that 4 of the Elite 8 teams will be from the B1G, provided that we can beat Washington and Penn St shows up for their match versus Kentucky. Note, though, that because there are two B1G vs B1G match-ups, we can at most send 4, which was also the maximum number of B1G teams in the Elite 8 even with Ohio St losing last round.
This shows how tough the Big was this year, and I hope it has the Huskes ready to roll against UDub. GBR


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