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Big Ten Baseball Tournament


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If I am not mistaken this was a 9:00 am play in game on Tuesday-not exactly fair to be comparing it with Iowa and Indiana that began at 4. I don't think anyone was surprised that the attendance improved once Nebraska played. Not worth arguing over, I just thought it would be better.
It also wouldn't be fair to make the comparison without considering the weather


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If I recall correctly, I think they said on tv last night that Minnesota was saving their best pitcher for today.
I never understand that concept in a tournament setting, assuming he's had enough rest since his last start. Otherwise, why risk dropping to the loser's/elimination bracket right off the bat just to save the best pitcher? Your mentality ALWAYS has to be to do whatever it takes to win the first game -- use your best players!


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In my mind, heading into this tournament, I would have ranked the likelihood of winning as this:

Tier One: Indiana, Illinois
Tier Two: Michigan, Nebraska
Tier Three: Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio State

Illinois has already been blown up. Indiana needs to wake up.

Crazy tournament thus far -- but I like it.
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