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BIG Media Days 26 and 27 July

That settles it. Fire him. Sheesh
Right. I mean, Scott did a lot of talking when he got here. I’m sure he’s pissed off inside about what’s happened on his watch. He hasn’t gotten any breaks, and nearly everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong, starting with the lightning out game 1. Not much for him to say really. He knows he’s gotta win. I’m sure he’s sick about what’s happened, truth be told. His record, with just a few breaks, could easily be flipped. We’ll see what happens soon.

Not sure how I missed it. Quote of the day. Garret asked about the close losses by Revzin. His response, " It os kind of like being in a bar talking to a girl all night. Then her boyfriend shows up at closing time." Lol


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