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understand, here's hoping they batted 100% with said 5. Just feeling, if they sign a class of 25, 3 OL doesn't seem excessive.
Correction - they took 6. I doubt all 6 pan out, but that’s normal. Ethan Piper and Bryce Benhart are already on the two-deep as true Freshman. There’s a lot of excitement about both of them.

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They want their interior guy to be either Chandler Durham or possibly Kobe Rios. IMPO they'd love to finish their D-line class with Alex Harrison (NG) and Tuli Tuipulotu and Marquis Black as the two DE's.

They'd love to get Omar Manning to fill one of the last WR spots... Kaden Johnson and Choe Bryant-Strother are the best LB'ers that you have a legit shot at getting currently. Guys like Caleb McCullough, Jared Ivey and Mister Williams would be good gets too.