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Big Board?


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At what point will Betts's academic issues clarify?
They'll have a better idea after this semester (obviously). I was told it was a lost cause this summer, but then the same person followed it up with "but if they can get Bradley eligible they probably can for Betts."

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Fisher is doing so well, I really wasn't sure about him from a couple different fronts, but recruiting and development look outstanding.

Beckton was told he was given the OK to get another TE this class despite having a loaded room, then LeGrone happened so I think that may be the case again. But to your point, I wonder if they are telling him "don't push it, gotta be someone we feel good about."

I think you gotta get another JUCO or grad transfer NG again, otherwise you are moving a DE down or asking Damion Daniels to play 60 snaps with a freshman spelling him. As of right now i'd assume Nash Hutmatcher isn't redshirting even though I don't think he will be quite ready.
Nebraska offered this kid on Oct. 9, so I think they're on the same page as us



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Just noticed that Hunt and LeGrone are listed on the online roster currently. Were they ever removed or is something happening?


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They want their interior guy to be either Chandler Durham or possibly Kobe Rios. IMPO they'd love to finish their D-line class with Alex Harrison (NG) and Tuli Tuipulotu and Marquis Black as the two DE's.

They'd love to get Omar Manning to fill one of the last WR spots... Kaden Johnson and Choe Bryant-Strother are the best LB'ers that you have a legit shot at getting currently. Guys like Caleb McCullough, Jared Ivey and Mister Williams would be good gets too.
Caleb McCullough committed to Arizona State.