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Big announcement!

front end was aligned today. I still don't know if they trailered it both ways or drove it back after alignment. Find out tomorrow.

They drove it back. Apparently the car has a "creeping" disease. Goes from 50 to 80 in the blink of an eye. Must watch for at all times. SHOULD be able to get the car this time next week. Fingers crossed.
Still on schedule for release to me next week. Hunting down a noise in/around the fuel injector. Waiting on a part, etc. I love the new instrument panel. Nice to have a tac.



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a/c lines went in nice



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One more wheel alignment, chase down some rattles, ready to go. Hopefully by Thurs or Friday. Just in time for spring practice.



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Had to replace the fuel line and now trying to locate the source of noise in the power steering. Also need new springs. Tried to make do with the old springs but the engine was too much for them.

Going to a high school graduation, middle of May, in Alliance, Neb! Stoked!! :thumbsup: :nothingtoadd:
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