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Best singular memory of Nebraska football

The Tagge photo is iconic
It is.......

My mom bought this for me that year after the game (I was 11), I have it framed and on my basement wall.

From the Omaha World Herald.

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1983 Nebraska v. Penn St. at Giants Stadium. Drove into the parking lot with a jacked-up Jeep with Nebraska plates, surrounded by Penn St. fans. Background - I grew up a Penn St. fan, even thought I might play for them at one time. Then we moved to Lincoln my sophomore year of high school and I was converted. Played on Solich's last team at Southeast and had my old LSE teammate Billy Weber starting on that team against Penn St.

We got it handed to us in the parking lot, but just smiled and laughed at the Penn St. fans "yeah, yeah, we suck, whatever, let's see after the game" and made our way to the game. Total dominance, Joe Pa's worst loss to that date 44-6, the Triplets were awesome! The tailgates were totally different after the game, submissive even." Uh you guys are really good, have a beer." My most fun live game out of my 40 or so games.
The run was by far the greatest highlight. However in my case the scenario of the back to back defensive plays right in front of us for a safety was special. Especially knowing how cross get into defensive stands like that. :-:
That safety was unbelievable. I was jumping around, all excited, and accidently bumped the buddy next to me who bumped the girlfriend of some big dude next to him. My buddy said "settle down, man" - but what's an excited fella to do?
Haven't read all these yet, so it may be mentioned one or more times.

For me, it is the Thur night game against Rice after 9/11 The emotions were unreal but completely different than a game-winning TD or play by a long shot. Was one of the first college FB games after the attack.

The crane with the huge flag flying over the E stadium was a sight to see, and the Tunnel walk was emotional, with the first responders leading the team onto the field. Set all the emotional game-winning events aside, and this is the one I key in on.
I attended the game and that still brings tears to my eyes. I remembered the Huskers took the field in complete silence prior to the Tunnel Walk.

The Miracle in Missouri.

I was 8, and went into the back room of the house on 4th down because I couldn't watch, I thought it was the damn apocalypse lol. To this day, I have never heard a more glorious scream than what I heard from my Dad in the other room. That was followed by "MATT, COME HERE!!!"

That will be one of the last things to go if I'm ever cursed with dementia.
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Schlesinger’s two touchdowns(I know that’s not a singular, but I can’t separate the two). What a release of emotions after all those years of near-misses and heartbreaks
Eric Alford catching Tommie Frazier's pass for the two-point conversion to tie the game. I knew with absolute certainty at that moment that we were going to win.


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