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Bear Attacks

"This bear was a true warrior. It’s hard to imagine what this animal saw and did during his lifetime. He had a broken jaw from a scrap with another bear and had badly arthritic knees. By pulling a tooth, Alaska Fish and Game aged the bear at 18 years old. His hide squared out at an impressive 9 feet 11 inches, and in his prime he was probably bigger,” says Jesse. The bear’s skull scored 29 5/16 inches SCI, and tied for number 20 in the record book at that time. The bear’s most impressive feature was his intimidating set of claws. They measured between 5 and 7 inches long and were the longest claws that anyone at the Fish and Game office in Kodiak had ever seen on a brown bear. "
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They came across the bear very close to a high traffic trailhead. It's not an ideal outcome but I don't think anyone wanted another encounter to happen.

Bears are a constant threat where I live for about 7 months of the year, and they are known to occasionally wake up hungry in the middle of winter and go looking for a quick meal.

You just have to know they are there and not to do anything stupid that attracts them to you. That said, even the most experienced sourdoughs have been mauled or killed by a bear just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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