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BBS Access Problems

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Over the past year the amount of attacks of malware and other issues has increased dramatically. It now occupies a lot of my day at times dealing with the jerks that sneak in the malware, sound on ads, pop ups, etc.

I have worked hard to identify the offending parties and getting them eliminated. It has become a game of whack a mole and is very frustrating for me and the visitors to this site. Most of the attacks come from rogue advertisers and they have been identified as sneaking in through the largest ad agencies in the world.

The bottom line is this site would not exist without advertising revenue so it is a necessary evil to have advertising on the site. We appreciate your understanding and will continue to strive to provide a safe, nonintrusive web experience.

All threads about problems with access to the site should be posted here as I will be sharing that information with our advertisers to get rid of the jerks that don't play by the rules.

If you have an issue any amount of the information listed below will help us identify and eliminate these jerks:

Date and time of incident
Click through URL
Type of browser: Desktop, tablet, mobile
Brand of browser and version: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc. Version 6.0, etc.
Type of phone if mobile: iPhone, Samsung, Verizon, etc.
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