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Bass Fishing

I think it is the pressure. Of course there are good days and bad days (nature of the beast). Just seems that the size of the fish are smaller. Maybe it’s me.
Actually didn’t know you could fish at lake regency. Live not to far from there.
I will check into the fish stocking situation soon. There have been two new lakes open up in the last few years and I had some luck there but of course because they are new the fish are small.
When I lived at the Regency Apartments they only allowed fishing for the residents, or at least I think they allowed it. I used to go at night anyway so there wasn't anyone around.

Howl, I fished plenty in that area, near Hackensack, some lakes SW of Woman Lake, ---- big sand lake, little sand lake, long lake, I stayed at a place called deer acres resort. beautiful area. you are fortunate indeed my friend.
My grandparents used to go to a resort every summer on Woman Lake. Then they got their own summer place over near Park Rapids.

Prehistoric is an accurate description of a paddlefish. Older brother has our family record, having caught a 58# fatboy while I'm always in 2nd place, my largest was 32#. But yes, quite a fish and delectable eating. Mom called it "poor man lobster".
Between about 10 years old and around 30, Bass fishing was my go to fishing. I loved fishing for Crappie, Catfish and even ocean fishing, but Bass fishing was the thing. While working in a gated community in Boca Raton, I was on my lunch break and had driven my own vehicle that day(I usually rode to work in the company work truck) and had my pole in the car. I decided to fish in one of the lakes on one of the golf courses there and had caught something like 6 Bass, all around the 4 to 6 lb. range.

I had about 10 minutes left of my break and was about to finish and put my pole back in my car, when I noticed the water break about 6 feet away from me, so I casted just past the break and after maybe three full cranks, WHAM! The water exploded and my pole bent and my line reeled off. I yanked back with some force setting the hook, realizing I had something big on my line, I eased of just a bit so as not to break my line. After about a 5 minute(give or take) tug and pull, I finally pulled in the largest Bass I've ever caught.

14.1 lbs. A co-worker came up just as I was getting the fish to the shore, I had him grab my fishing pole as I ran down to the waterline and grabbed the Bass. I got him out of the water and was whooping and hollering as I couldn't believe what I had caught and just how big the fish was. The belly was swollen so I figured it was either really old, or pregnant or both. Just then, a home owner from the neighborhood came by on his golf cart. He stopped and was amazed at how large the Bass was. I was already thinking where I would have it mounted on my wall, but the guy tells me that per HOA rules, I could fish the lake, but I couldn't keep anything I caught. I was like WT F!!!

At this point, he could see I wasn't too happy, my co-worker is cracking up thinking it was hilarious, it wasn't. Then the guy tells me that he is head of the HOA and he understood, but said rules are rules. He had a camera in his house and asked my to stay put for a couple of minutes. He returned with his SLR and shot about 12 pics of me with the Bass. I had no choice but to release the Bass back into the lake. The pics actually came out great, as he gave them to me roughly a month later. Unfortunately, I've since lost those photo's along with 1,000's of other pics due to one thing or another.

It's not the biggest fish I've ever caught, but it's definitely the biggest fresh water fish I've ever caught. A good friend of mine caught some 30+ lb catfish and decided he was going to filet it, but the meat wasn't any good and it had mites or worms or something, I can't fully recall, I just remember he had to throw it all away, which sucked because he could have released back in the water.... but oh well. I'll never forget jumping in the lake and grabbing that Bass and hauling it in. I haven't fished even one time since I've lived in Nevada, I have fished when back in Florida, but usually in the ocean on my brother boat.
Dang a 14 lb.. bass is huge, only in my dreams, many over 5, but you raised the bar. I should add all were released.
Kid just pulled in a 12 lb yesterday or today in Sullivan County, Indiana. Looks like its 60% eggs/shad, but I'd almost give a testicle for anything double digits. Guess there are a few fatties in this state.


Fished on Lewis & Clark Lake but most of the time below Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River. We had a cabin located about 12 miles east of Yankton, SD (on the NE side of the river). Quiet with very little fishing pressure.
I fished there, too, but we mainly went to the area upstream from Running Water/Niobrara where it was still more or less a natural river.
I wish I knew how to properly clean northerns. I have watched youtube videos but I probably need someone to show me with a hands-on demonstration to make sure I learn it correctly. I don't particularly want to choke on a fish bone.
If you truly want to get good at it, keep a pile of hammer-handle sized pike sometime and practice. It's MUCH easier cleaning the bigger ones, so once you can do a hammer-handle, it gets easier. Also, wherever you see a lot of hammer-handle sized pike, you probably have too many small pike anyway.
Some of you may get a kick out of this, but I had been living in Mississippi for about 2 or 3 years, and I had this favorite little fishing hole that I loved to cast in. Early in the morning there was rarely anybody there fishing. So, I'm out early, and catching nothing but no see ums and skeeters and the Sun had now come up and so did the heat and humidity with it. It's around 8:45 ish in the morning and I was about to quit fishing. Told myself I'd cast until 9 and then call it a morning. I hadn't even had a hit up to this point, so although it was nice being out, it was frustrating to not even have a nibble at all.

Fast forward to 9 am and I think to myself, screw it, just a few more casts, which led me to about 9:15 and it was really steamy, so I cast just one last time, and reeled my Rapala in and as I was pulling it out of the water(the Rapala was about 2 inches in length)I immediately started laughing. I just couldn't believe it, I was not going to be shut out that morning. I had literally snagged a Largemouth bass that was smaller than my lure. I looked at it for a second and kept laughing. I had just barely snagged this little baby, and when I pulled the hook out, I compared it to the Rapala and as sure hell, he was smaller than the lure. I chuckled all the way home and when I told the old lady about it, she thought it was pretty funny too.

The Rapala I was using was very similar to this one.

What a fantastic idea for a forum. Love bass fishing. The lakes around Omaha are pretty lame for fishing. Biggest bass I’ve caught around here is in the 2 to 2 1/2 lbs.
The Bass are here in the Omaha ponds you just have to work very hard to find them, spend A LOT of time on the water and figure out a bait they don't see 10 times a day.
The Bass are here in the Omaha ponds you just have to work very hard to find them, spend A LOT of time on the water and figure out a bait they don't see 10 times a day.
What have you been using as bait that works for you and where have you been going? I’ve had luck at each lake that I’ve been to but ..... I go back and the same thing doesn’t work. I’ve done different baits and lures with varying success. Admittedly I am not the most seasoned fisherman in the area and have a lot to learn. The guy that I usually fish with is almost exclusively a worm guy. And we’ve had good luck with that. But that’s the main influence I’ve had.
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