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Baseball and Misery


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As dark as the last two days of our season were, it's heartening(?) that the baseball gods can be indiscriminate in dispensing emotional pain. Some examples:

  • UNC, in deciding game of their home Super Regional, doles out a baker's dozen 13 runs (!!!) in the top of the first inning to Auburn, never recovers and misses on a trip to Omaha in a 14-7 loss. This shellacking came on the heels of a 2-0 shutout of Auburn by the UNC pitching staff on Sunday.
  • Ole Miss, in the rubber match of their series with DVH and the Arkansas Razorbacks, also proved ineffective at protecting the end zone, giving up two TDs in a 14-1 loss Monday. Especially galling for the Rebs had to be that the lone run Monday came after a 13-run explosion the previous day in extending the series.
  • Duke goes out to a 1-0 series lead versus national #2 Vandy, only to be no-hit with a million Ks on Saturday in a 3-0 loss, followed by the obligatory pitching meltdown in Sunday's 13-2 loss to the Commodores, who advance.
  • LSU falls in a home Super Regional SWEEP to a FSU team that many felt did not even merit a berth in the field of 64. Septuagenarian Mike Martin now returns to Omaha with a chance to extend the magic and cap his career with a possible CWS crown. Unlikely, sure, but the Seminoles have outlasted 56 teams so far in this NCAA run, what's but seven more to conquer?
  • UCLA, the #1 seed with 13 MLB draft selections, goes down in three, victim to an abysmal RISP batting average and a Michigan squad that took out Pac-12 royalty on the road in back-to-back weeks.
Baseball, clearly, will kick you in the gut no matter where your rooting interests lie, so tone up the abs and expect the blow, cuz it's coming one way or another. Hopefully, next year with a great new coach, we can aspire to a later round of the tourney to gird for it. GBR!
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